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What Is Sexual Addiction?

“Sexual addiction” also known as “sex addiction” is a psychological or emotional disorder. It’s the desire to perform sexual acts to achieve the “fix” that a substance addict gets from his or her preferred substance. It’s believed that someone with sex addiction will search out multiple sex partners, though this in itself isn’t necessarily an indication of a disorder. It can also beContinue reading “What Is Sexual Addiction?”

Sexual Wellness 101: Love Yourself

Masturbation is an important part of a healthy relationship with yourself and your partner Knowing about your body and getting to know it deeply is also an aspect of wellness. When you connect with what feels good for you, you are getting to learn more about yourself. This information is invaluable when it comes toContinue reading “Sexual Wellness 101: Love Yourself”

What Is Sexual Wellness And Why It Is Important

Recent years have witnessed a way more openness in the approach towards sex. this is mainly due to the increased exposure to varied sex education, consultation with experts and growing awareness regarding the way to have sex and better inclusion of sex-related products in the discussion. Earlier it used to be a taboo, a hush-hushContinue reading “What Is Sexual Wellness And Why It Is Important”

Create These Sexual Hygiene Habits

It’s good to have sex and it is even more important to follow some sexual hygiene habits. Maintaining a healthy sexual hygiene habit is vital to scale back the dangers of infections and enhance your overall health. Unfortunately, very few people are conscious of sexual hygiene, which will help protect men and women from infectionsContinue reading “Create These Sexual Hygiene Habits”

Wellness: All You Need To Know

Wellness is a conscious process of creating a healthy and fulfilling life for oneself. Its is being free from illness; a dynamic process of change and growth. Studies reveal that the most common ill-health in the world is depression. This problem is usually manifested within the sort of insomnia, stress, poor nutrition, physical inactivity, obesity,Continue reading “Wellness: All You Need To Know”